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la’al sauna’s frequently asked questions

what you need to know

What time should I arrive for my session?

Please arrive a bit earlier to your session to allow yourselves time to get changed and familiarise yourself with the location.  

There are changing rooms, showers and toilets available to use within the Campsite which are free of charge.

There are hooks on the sides of the Sauna to hang clothing up and tubs to put your belongings in and outdoor seating.

What is your cacellation policy?

If there are adverse weather conditions that mean I have to cancel your booking. I will endeavour to reshedule your booking to a new time and date at your request within 48 hours. Refunds are not available due to adverse weather conditions. 

If you need to cancel or reschedule your sauna session, you must give 48 hours notice to allow me to re-allocate your place.

If you choose to cancel or reschedule with less than 48hours notice, unfortunately I can not refund your payment.

Can I bring children along?

Children over the age of 16 years old are welcome in our sauna with parental supervision and guidance at all times as the sauna stove and surfaces will be extremely hot. And remember you must sign a waiver on booking for yourself and your child.

Please note: Children are not as able to regulate their body temperature as effectively as grown ups so they will need to be in and out of the sauna more frequently. You may wish to seat your child on a lower bench where it is cooler.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring your swimwear and two towels for your session,  one for sitting on for hygiene reasons in the sauna and one for drying off afterwards and a bottle of water to rehydrate during your session. Something for your feet that is easy to get on and off such as flipflops or crocks. Swim boots are not allowed to be worn in the Sauna.

Note: Daywear or underwear is not permitted in the sauna.

What will my session be like?

The fire will be ready for you on arrival. When stoking the sauna fire, it is done so from outside the sauna using locally sourced kiln dried timber.

My sauna has two different bench levels, this enables sauna goers to choose the temperature they prefer by choosing to sit or lie on the lower or upper bench.

We recommend only spending as long in the heat as you feel comfortable – for most people this will be around 10min intervals. 

A bucket of water and a ladle are on hand to drizzle water on the sauna stones to increase the humidity and steam. The all-important Finnish “Löyly”!

If you get too hot, head outside to cool down. Take a cold watering can shower, dip in the Lake, or sit down and rest until you feel ready to head back into the heat – and repeat.

It is recommended to finish on a ‘cold’ so you can swim in the Lake to end your Sauna should you wish – is just minutes away with a stunning view.

Remember to be kind to yourself, drink plenty of water and listen to your body’s needs but if you require any assistance, your host Debbie will be on hand.

What is your Covid policy?

The sauna is thoroughly cleansed with eco-friendly products first thing and cleaned between slots. A full deep clean will be given last thing in the evening.

Customers are asked to sit on a towel for hygiene purposes, so remember to bring two towels so you have one to get dried with.

Please remove all footwear before getting in the sauna.

The sauna itself is fully ventilated.

How do I find la’al sauna?

We are now sited back Low Wray Campsite at the North end of Lake Windermere near Ambleside. 

On arrival, park in the new arrivals car park whish is free.  Head towards the reception and we are further along a bit nestled in the trees. .

The address of Low Wray Campsite is Ambleside LA22 0JA.



What local amenities are available?

There are toilets, changing rooms and hot water showers onsite at the Capsite which can be used free of charge.

There is a licensed onsite shop which is open all summer selling a range of hot and cold drinks, snacks, foos and ice creams.

Which days is La’al Sauna open?

La’al Sauna is available for booking between the hours of 11am – 2pm Fridays. 1pm – 4pm Saturdays and 11am – 4pm Sundays throughout MAY. Then from June to September it will be Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturday evenings 6pm – 9pm.

Any extra dates or special full moon evenings will be available to view on the bookings calendar.



come and see for yourself

where can you find us

We are now sited back at Low Wray Campsite, Ambleside LA22 0JA.

Two minutes from the shoreline of Lake Windermere. With a stunning view down the Lake and the Fells looming in the background – you will have a unique, authentic nordic style sauna experience.

The onsite shop sells hot and cold drinks, snacks, food and ice creams.

Within the Campsite you can use the changing rooms, showers and toilets free of charge.

Please allow extra time prior to your booking to get changed and familiarise yourself of where we are.

We are no longer at Fell Foot.


Campsite shop.
The campsite licenced shop sells hot and cold drinks, snacks, food and ice creams.
Shower facilities.
There are changing rooms, showers and toilet facilities at the campsite which are free of charge.
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